Machine Operator in Training-B Shift(Night)

This is a rotating, 12 hour position, working 6pm – 6am on a 2-2-3 schedule.


This position is responsible for the overall results of assigned machine, which includes but is not limited to:

Running and changing of raw material on his or her assigned machine while producing a quality product.
Attending machine operator training to achieve “C” operator certification on assigned machine cluster.
Completing various documentation including line sheets, DIRs and downtime logs.
This position interacts with: A, B & C Operators, Warehouse personnel, Management, Quality Assurance, Maintenance, Packers, and Compounding.

Perform all OIT duties with these four priorities in mind:
Attend training and practice machine operating skills listed on the machine certification form
Ensure all guards and safety devices are present and working correctly on assigned machine
Monitor the quality of the product at the machine entrance and exit
Perform quality inspections and complete the DIR accurately
Run assigned equipment, which includes but is not limited to:
Clearing product and material jam
Maintaining material supply
Assist with machine changeovers
Record equipment downtime
Perform assigned C.A.R.E. duties
Maintain acceptable C.A.R.E. audit scores in assigned zone
Assist other team members on the line, as needed
Notify the supervisor when machine operating skills are mastered and you are ready for machine certification
All other duties as assigned

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