Compounder in Training – Night Shift

This is a rotating, 12-hour position, working 6 pm -6 am on a 2-2-3 schedule


Compounder-In-Training (CIT) is a transitory position and shall end when the training to be a “Compounder” is complete.   The CIT shall be responsible for safety pertaining to all employees working or present in the Compounding area. The CIT is also responsible for batch integrity and ensuring all personnel working in the compounding department adhere to Nice-Pak Products, Inc. Policies, Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) and Work Instructions (WI) for batching liquid and or the conveyance of liquid to converting equipment.


CIT shall be responsible for proper batching of all liquids in a timely manner, keeping up with the production schedule and other responsibilities of the day.
CIT shall adhere to required FDA regulations, Nice-Pak SOPs and WIs, and ensure that all persons working or visiting the Compounding area safely follow SOPs and WIs.  CIT shall wear required protective clothing and protective gear for this job and for chemical usage as detailed in specific MSDS’s.
CIT is responsible for safely transferring chemical from and to necessary locations, and ensuring that appropriate chemical inventory transactions are done accordingly.  This will involve certification and proper use of stand-up forklifts.
CIT is responsible for maintaining clean areas in the chemical warehouse and in the entire compounding department, and areas under and around liquid tanks not directly connected to the compounding area.  Each shift shall present a clean department to the next shift.
CIT shall maintain proper storage of all chemicals, utilizing FIFO consumption of all chemical and supply lots.
CIT shall follow all ISO and cGMP Nice-Pak work instructions and standard operating procedures.
CIT shall ensure that all records are completed and ready for processing/filing i.e. Log entries, Batch sheets, D.I. System check sheets, Waste Treatment entries, Boiler Check sheets, etc.
CIT shall at times in the performance of their duties be responsible for safely handling hazardous chemicals, i.e.; Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide, and be responsible for adhering to appropriate Material Safety Data Sheets, SOPs, and labeling procedures.
CIT shall progress in training to achieve compounder level status at specified time in training program

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