Driver / Public Transit Operator


Drive agency vehicles, under direction of transportation coordinator, to assist and deliver riders to destinations within Hendricks County and central Indiana.


1. Educational: High school diploma.
2. Valid Public Passenger Chauffeur’s License (PPC) required.
3. Experience: Must possess and maintain a good driving record, familiar with area roads, experience with older adults.
4. Personal: Neat, clean in appearance; organized; works well with others; empathetic to older adults.
5. Medical: Meet guidelines of Indiana Medical Qualification Program for Safety Sensitive Transit Employees (annual evaluation).


1. Operates a motor vehicle in the provision of public transit services in compliance with all applicable DOT, federal, state, local, and system regulations and policies and ensures the safe and timely transportation of all passengers.

2. Assists passengers as needed in the boarding and disembarking of the vehicle in order to ensure the safety of all passengers, including assistance during vehicle evacuation, as necessary.

3. Boards and disembarks passengers, including those using common wheelchairs or other mobility devices, requiring the use of lift equipment and securement systems according to the system’s policies and procedures in order to ensure the safety of all passengers.

4. Completes daily paperwork using pen or pencil, as required, to ensure accurate reporting and records.

5. Completes daily pre-trip inspection using the required inspection checklist to ensure the proper and safe functioning of the vehicle. Reports needed repairs to supervisor.

6. Regularly inventories vehicle equipment and supplies; reports restocking needs in accordance with the system’s established procedure in order to maintain a safe, functional vehicle.

7. Fuels the vehicle; ensures that all vehicle systems are properly shut down; visually inspects the interior for any items left by passengers; locks the vehicle to maintain security.

8. Regularly cleans interior of vehicle to maintain a sanitary environment for passengers and the safe operation of the vehicle. Including:
 Clean vehicle interior, including wheelchair brackets, using a vacuum or broom.
 Mop and dry, as necessary, vehicle interior.
 Clean windows using window cleaner.
 Empty trash from inside the vehicle.
 Disinfect vehicle arm rests, seats, handrails, dashboard, instrument panel, etc. using disinfectant cleaner.
 Cleanup of blood and other bodily fluids, as needed, sanitizing with disinfectant cleaner.

9. Receives and follows instruction from transportation coordinator/dispatch.

10. Lends assistance to any service area when needed.


1. Responsibility: Responsible to transportation coordinator.
2. Coordinative Relationship: Works cooperatively with all other drivers to deliver service efficiently; works cooperatively with all other staff so that all services are delivered efficiently.


 Must have the ability to bend, crouch, kneel, twist, push, and pull.
 Must have normal hearing, with the aid of corrective devices, as needed (i.e. hearing aid).
 Must have normal vision, with the aid of corrective devices, as needed (i.e. glasses or contacts).
 Must be free from fainting spells, blackouts, dizziness, or seizures.
 Must have the ability to sit in a normal seated position for extended periods of time.
 Must have the ability to endure extended periods of driving.
 Must have the ability to lift up to 70 lbs.
 Must have the ability to tolerate exposure to dust, gas, and/or fumes.
 Must have the ability to exert up to 20-50 pounds of force, occasionally, and/or 10-26 pounds of force frequently.
 Must be at least 21 years of age.

Note: These physical requirements are not meant to replace those specified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Part 391.41 “Physical qualifications for drivers.” All FMCSA physical requirements must also be met.


 Must have the ability to determine vehicle travel path to ensure safe and timely transportation of passengers.
 Must have the ability to evaluate and determine proper action in situations that may pose a safety risk.
 Must have the ability to effectively communicate, including:
1. Strong oral and written communication skills;
2. Knowledge of English language; and
3. Ability to effectively communicate required action to passengers in situations that pose a safety risk.
 Must have the ability to comply with current traffic and driver safety regulations as well as all other applicable Federal, State, and local regulations and agency policies.
 Must possess strong organizational skills.
 Must have the ability to analyze and solve problems.
 Must have the ability to learn, understand, and follow all public transit routes and schedules.


The driver’s hours of work and work schedule vary. The position requires being seated for extended periods of time while operating a motor vehicle, interrupted by frequent standing in order to assist passengers. While driving and/or assisting passengers, the driver will need to bend, crouch, kneel, twist, push, and pull. The position may also require exposure to varied weather conditions, temperatures, and light levels. The position requires frequent interaction with the public. The position may require maneuvering the vehicle in congested traffic and within areas of restricted space.

The physical demands described here are the representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

I have read the job description and understand the qualifications and responsibilities of this position.

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